Save The Mesas

South Table Mountain



  • Approved for Open Space
    We want to keep it that way until it can be purchased.
  • Habitat for Birds, Animals and Plants
  • A Zone of Tranquility between Golden and Denver
  • A Rare, Unique and Historical Place
    A resource for the future where people can be alone with nature while still within the metro area.
  • How

  • Oppose the Coors family's willingness to see commercial development on their landmark by contacting:
  • * Leo Bradley - 303/278-3300
    * Peter Coors, P.O. Box 4030, NH 300, Golden, CO  80401

  • Propose ways to buy and preserve all of South Table Mountain. Consider Jefferson County's successful S. O. S. program.
  • Contact government decision makers. Tell them you want the mountain preserved as Open Space:
  • * Golden City Council - 303/384-8015
    * County Commisioners - 303/271-8525
      100 Jefferson County Pkwy.
      Golden, CO  80401
    * Governor's Office - 303/866-2471

  • For information, call Save The Mesas at 303/279-5177.
  • Plus...

    • Read about the victorious NIKE struggle.
    • Join our email announcement list.
    • Check out Table Mountains Conservation Fund.
    • Visit the Grassroots Golden website.
    • Link to Coors Global Cyber Campaign.