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Dave Wright, presente
Author J. R. Martin
Date 15/08/28/15:12
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David Joseph Wright

imageDAVID JOSEPH WRIGHT, 46, passed away after a very brief illness on March 18, 2015 in Colorado Springs. David was born in Corpus Christi TX on May 15, 1968 to Thelma Louise Bryar-Wright and James R. Wright. He is preceded in mortality by his parents and grand parents.

He is survived by his sisters Teresa Wright Lynn (Jimmy) of Searcy AR., Rebecca Wright of Tulsa OK, Stephanie Wright Sawall (Craig) of Colorado Springs, his step-mother, Marie H Wright of Corpus Christi, TX and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins in Colorado and surrounding states.

David grew up in Corpus Christi, TX and Austin TX and moved to Colorado in 1999 to be closer to family. His acompliments were many. His greatest one of all was his determination and will-power to overcome alcoholism 10 years ago...He made so many people proud....He worked hard and played hard.....he lived life to the fullest and he achieved more than he ever thought he would.

David loved Colorado and the natural beauty the state has to offer --he loved to pack up his RV, his American flag, his dog, bicycle, hammock and jet ski and travel, he loved to hike, ski, fish and camp. Traveling was his great adventure and the thousand of photos he took paid homage to the beauty of God's world in every vista and spoke of a life well loved. David will be greatly missed by so many friends and family and especially his constant companion, his dog Dottie--

David had a beautiful soul, the brightest smile and a true beauty that will forever be missed by the people that new him. His closest and personal friends, John and Amy Martin loved him as family and have graciously stepped in to take care of his dog.

Marty, Brandon and Katie Pollard Sinclair of Austin TX, Barbara Pollard and Nancy Pollard Blunk of Pueblo, CO were also part of his family that cared for him through out his life and loved him unconditionally. Thank you Pollard family!

David's memorial, well attended by friends and family, was held in The Garden of the Gods Park on Sunday March 22nd with prayers and eulogies followed by a small reception. His ashes will be scattered in some of his favorite Colorado destinations.

David is now our for-ever angle......his spirit is free and he will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone that loved him

He played, he danced and he loved life. David, you were taken away from us far too soon....we love and miss you so much.

Published in The Gazette on Apr. 17, 2015


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